Vintage Farmhouse Desk and Table Clock with Pig Figurine Ornament

$44.99 $89.99

This is an about Vintage Farmhouse Desk and Table Clock with Pig Figurine Ornament. Christmas is very special takes days, weeks and months to prepare. Preparing for Christmas is a great feeling, some plans will be made. People look for Unique Gifts (for example Good Christmas Gifts) for their loved ones, it takes a lot of time but it is fruitiness. This special product for Christmas Decorations is a very good decoration (for example; Christmas Table Decorations) object and at the same time a wonderful and Homemade Christmas Gifts. For this reason, it is ideal for Handmade Christmas Gifts and Good Christmas Gifts as it is made as a result of handmade processes. Don't even have to say, a great Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Crafts.

Material: Iron
Color: Pink with Vintage Style
Product size: 12 * 6 * 11cm.
Package size: 14 * 8 * 13cm.
Product weight: 167g.
Package weight: 470g.

Package List
1 * Vintage Analog Clock with Pig Figurine Ornament

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