Modern Wall Clock with Swan Figurines to Sculpture Decor

Modern Wall Clock:

We present these Sculpture Swan Decor products that reflects the concepts of time and freedom with philosophical and natural details, as an aesthetic contribution to the Modern Wall Clock theme. Designed with Wall Clock functionality that these Swan Decor products are depicted in water that in their natural environment. As is known, swans are among the aquatic mammals. And they offer a fascinating image in the water such as lake, pond. Swans usually have white hues. And it is one of those creatures who managed to live in pairs perfectly. Swans are believed to be lifelong couples. They watching each other with love, move forward together in life, just as watch; that is the best thing a lover can promise. Lovers work together to build their ideal life, understanding and watching one another in silent just as clock. Lovers desire a steady love and life. Time slowly ease, grow old together. These artwork that depicts two swans in motion in the water, offers an aesthetic creativity with the Minimalist Wall Clock theme. Our minds will say that these two swans are partners and couples. Yes, you are right. These are cute two swan couples. You will experience the purity and peace provided by nature in these artwork, which makes Swan Figurines stand out by using sculpture technique. The natural environment in which natural creatures such as Bird, Swan and so more live is an inspiration for people and artistic creativity. Nature produces stories. And it provides peace and purity. The sculptural technique creates a fascinating atmosphere in the design story of this Swan Decor product which enriches this creative story of nature with artistic details. White color is preferred in these artwork which combines the purity and peace of nature with artistic creativity and sculpture details and has a Modern Wall Clock theme in its functionality. Just like the true and natural colors of swans. And white color refers to nature in these Sculpture artwork. These Swan Wall Clock products reflect a modern and minimalist design. Resin material was used in the design process of the products.

Material: Resin / Taiwan Movement
Color: White - Black - Red
Product size MM: W240 X D130 X H240
Product size CM: W24 X D13 X H24

Can be use duster to clean the parrot surface gently. Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely.

Install hour hand then the minute hand, and finally the second hand. (Note that gently press to internal with both hands not too tight). After fixed, gently adjust the hour, minute and second hand spacing, maintain an appropriate distance. Ensure that rotation pointers will not be jammed, shall turn the clock knob in a circle; assessing pointers do not get stuck then adjust to local time.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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