Abstract and Modern White Sculpture For Aesthetic Decor

Product Story


This artwork is designed as Modern and Abstract White Sculpture which expresses the purity of white and transition of grey by the refraction and crossing of the lines in based Aesthetic Decor. Abstract, Modern, Contemporary approach to sculpture technique by combining an idea with design, we have integrated design with space. Thus, we obtained a circular and cross-meaning layer. We designed this artwork for Home Sweet Home Decor for Bookcase, Dining, Entry, Console, Dresser, Coffee Table Decor. You will witness a minimal approach in this Artwork with Abstract and Modern Sculpture details. You will witness the reproduction of lines and repetition, but also the decentralization of this process. Decentralization is the main motive of this abstract art product. You will witness that the line creates a circular line and a trend, not a linear line, just like life. Featuring soft details of White and Gray colors, this sculpture is designed from Resin material as Accent Decor for Home and Interior Design. There is a creative process behind private works of art. You will see traces of time, life, design, aesthetics, and differentiation in the production process of this product. So in other words, there is an epistemological rupture like in the words of Bachelard, which is scientifically actual and current. The line performs itself as a diagonal transition, not linear. It creates a new underscore at each pass, but this underscore is unsustainable, breaks, and reaches a new cross cycle. Each cycle transforms itself into a new one. Cyclicity and fracture is a summary of life. A metamorphosis, as Kafka experienced. An abstract interpretation of modern and contemporary life, this work of art is a rich object of imagination. You can use this Abstract Art product as a decoration idea and element in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Entryway, Office, Hotel. The product is an unusual sculpture for Modern Home Decor with geometric, decorative and aesthetic details.



  • Color: White
  • Material: Resin and Marble Sand
  • Product Size: 14.1X8.6X9 INCHES | 36X22X23 CM
  • Package Size: 16.1X10.6X11 INCHES | 41X27X28 CM
  • Product Weight: 2710g.
  • Package Weight: 3200g.

Package List
1 * Abstract and Modern Geometric Sculpture

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    Their has a contemporary, modern geometric feel with an abstract look

    Abstract Sculptures

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    We offer an expansive portfolio of contemporary design pieces that will mesmerize your guests and keep your home looking beautiful. From the Scandinavian aesthetic to modernism, our resin pieces are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Add a touch of art to your home or office with this abstract, geometric resin sculpture. It's perfect for the modern & Scandinavian interior design look, and will make any room feel more modern. You'll love how it changes the lighting in the room and how it matches any decor.

    It has a contemporary, modern geometric feel with an abstract look. This sculpture would make for a great centerpiece in any living room or bedroom. It's perfect for adding some style, personality, and color to an interior space that needs it.

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