Single Stem Vase with Meerkat Ornament and Decorative Statue

Single Stem Vase with Meerkat Statue:

Meerkat is one of the small animals famous for protecting and observing their nests and offspring in nature, and these adorable creatures protect your favorite flowers in a single stem vase with the theme of meerkat statue and figurines ornaments. Can these your favorite flowers be tulips, calla lilies, hydrangea, orchids, hyacinths, magnolia, cherry blossom, anemone, lotus, dahlia, plumeria, begonia, daffodil, ranunculus, gerbera daisies, alstroemeria, sunflowers, gardenias, chrysanthemums, roses, or dried flowers? This vase attracts attention with its thin, long, natural, minimal, and modern character and in this sense, it is designed as a vase for single flower. You can also, choose these designs to put diffuser reeds. This completely changes and enhances the atmosphere of your room when it comes to both flowers and diffuser reeds. These cute meerkats come from nature by a decorative statue. Two different meerkat figures also enrich the atmosphere of your home with the character of the ornament These single stem vase products are in perfect harmony with nature. And its main purpose is to refresh and change the atmosphere of your home with both flowers and diffuser reeds. In this sense, the products are the most beautiful and natural products that can be bought during periods such as housewarming, Christmas, birthday. Especially your friends who love flowers, grow their own plants, are interested in garden and flower care, or who are dealing with aromas and fragrances are the best and ideal gift products. It literally gorgeous.

Meerkats usually live in desert habitats. We often welcome them in Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kalahari, Angola, or Lesotho.  Meerkats live together in big groups and families. White meerkat brings you the pure beauty and peace of nature. Have you ever imagined them protecting your favorite flowers? Designed as a single stem vase for your favorite flowers, these cute meerkats are designed as decorative statues. We offer two different meerkat figures. Our single stem vase products bring flower lovers, animal lovers (especially meerkat lovers), and nature lovers together. And it is fascinating with its decorative statue character. It brings freshness and vitality to your home in areas such as living room, bedroom, dining table, kitchen, entryway. These designs are among the most memorable products you can get after a private safari trip to Africa. It reminds you of the desert, African nature, and community, animal life. In this sense, modern details dominate the character of the product. And it brings it back to life as a single stem vase to protect the flowers. You can choose these decorative statue products, which reflect the fascinating view of Meerkat, for decoration on the furniture such as bookshelf, dresser, dining table, coffee table, bedside table. It is ideal for everywhere and creates a great atmosphere for your room.

One of Meerkat is sitting. The other meerkat is standing. Both figures bring their image in nature back to life for artistic creativity.

Material: Resin and Glass Tube
Meerkat Statue Vase Style One: W90mm X D130mm X H240mm / 650g
Meerkat Statue Vase Style Two: W100mm X D130mm X H200mm / 700g

Use a soft cloth to clean the meerkat surface. Glass vase is washable, take it out when need to be washed.

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