Contemporary and Modern Gold Wall Clock with Swallow Bird Sculpture


Can we think of both time and timelessness together in a simultaneous relationship by thinking together? Can we imagine the free flying of birds in a way integrated with the movement of time? As is known, all birds have the ability to fly by their very nature. And this is a realistic definition of freedom for us. Birds fly and time flows, like water. These two definitions gave us a special motivation for us to consider the movement of time together. So we designed the time and birds to fly as a Modern Wall Clock. Of course to do this, we either consulting to philosophy or art. Because in both disciplines it gives us a special into more depth that will allow us to forget the present time. To forget, not to have time, is to leave itself in the literal sense of the word. We reflected a modern, contemporary and minimalist approach to the Swallow figure in an integrated design process with sculpture technique. In this process of reflection, we developed an unusual product for the Wall Clock concept. We brought together a philosophical and artistic interpretation of representing time and have possession of time, and reflected it on a product. We have designed this product as Gold-Fish, Swallow Wall Clock, which has both philosophical depth and artistic time itself. This Swallow artwork has a minimalist and modern interpretation of the sculpture technique. And in this sense, we hope that we have made an extraordinary contribution to the Minimalist Wall Clock and Modern Wall Clock themes for 2020. You can use this product in many areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Office. Marrying the two aesthetics of movement and silence to create our inspiration of the Swallow clock, which features twelve delicate flying swallows to replace the numbers you find in an ordinary clock. Swallows also symbolize luck and hope, give you the wings of good fortune and the ability to fly up high in life.

Material: Resin Taiwan Movement - Florescent Whitening Agent
Color: White - Black
Product size MM: W650 X D120 X H650
Product size CM: W65 X D12 X H65

Can be use duster to clean the swallos surface gently. Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely.

Each bird has its own number on the back. Please tear apart the adhesive tape then paste them in order on the marks. Attention: Please press lightly for 30 seconds on each bird to ensure they really stick to the wall. According to your preference, we offer three different size of pie chart. Choose one of them to make a mark through the hole and poke it by pencil.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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