Bronze Bull Statues Farmhouse Rustic Bookcase & Console Home Decor


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Color: Gold

The sculpture presents an aesthetic technique in terms of artistic creativity. Artistic creativity is eternalized using sculpture technique especially at the Bull or Cattle figure. The specially designed sculpture offers a much more functional depth if it is intended for use in home decor. Animals often symbolize traditional life, pointing to breaking in the transition from a rural society to a modern and contemporary lifestyle. Many animals were used as load or resource power in traditional societies. This Bull Figure, which embraces this sociological knowledge, as a symbol of archaic and rural life, with a modern art technique in an aesthetic feast brings with the sculpture. There are many lifestyles that preserve traditional life and see great depth in it. The bull is a privileged animal especially for people who adopt the Farmhouse and Rustic lifestyle. Anesthetized using modern art, this Bull Statue offers a modern look for Farmhouse Home Decor. Bull is one of the most important symbols of rural and natural communities. And it also has an important function in the approaches of Farmhouse Home Decor and Rustic Home Decor. This special product, which is designed by using the Sculpture technique from Bronze material, has a handmade production technique. This Bronze Bull Statue is designed in different colors, each color shows a special aesthetic interest and atmosphere. Defending a lifestyle and arranging the space we live in makes it more refine to our choices. This choice is more compulsory, especially for women. Specially designed in different colors (Gold, Blue, Green, Black) and clearly reflecting the Farmhouse Rustic Lifestyle, these Bull Statues Figures have a privileged style for Console and Bookcase Decor and ornament.

Color: Green, Gold, Black, Blue
Material: Bronze
Product size: 32 X 10 X 20 Cm.
Package size: 36 X 15 X 26 Cm.
Product weight: 2100g.
Package weight: 2250g.

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1 * Bronze Bull Statue

Bull and Cattle are masterfully crafted bronze sculptures, designed with a one-of-a-kind style:

Bull and Cattle is a collection of handmade cowboy and farmhouse-style figurines. Our pieces range from antique to contemporary styles with a rustic, handcrafted feel. A Bull and Cattle sculpture would make the perfect gift for friends and family with a love of all things cowboy, farmhouse, or country!

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