Abstract Minimal Creative Bull Statue For Farmhouse Decor

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The Abstract design maximizes spatial and temporal thinking and creates a world outside borders. So artists are known as unlimited people. Artists look for the highest level of thought and turn it into an abstract design. There is no absolutization, there is relativity. Bull is an important symbol of rural and undeveloped life. It has historical and cultural importance. People provide their vital needs from animals by using their strength and nutrients. Before moving to the age of machinery and industry, lead animals do important things. This Aluminum Abstract Bull Statue is made of copper material by handmade methods. In this sense, it is a wonderful work of art for Farmhouse Decor and Rustic Home Decor and in general for its table accessories. Inspired by the New York Bull Statue and the Chicago Bull Statue for Home Decor Ideas.

Color: Green with Blue
Material: Aluminum
Product size: 29 X 7 X 18cm.
Package size: 34 X 12 X 23cm.
Product weight: 1060g / 37.39oz
Package weight: 1600g / 56.44oz
Package list:
1 * Abstract Bull Statue

Bull and Cattle are masterfully crafted bronze sculptures, designed with a one-of-a-kind style:

Bull and Cattle is a collection of handmade cowboy and farmhouse-style figurines. Our pieces range from antique to contemporary styles with a rustic, handcrafted feel. A Bull and Cattle sculpture would make the perfect gift for friends and family with a love of all things cowboy, farmhouse, or country!

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