Rabbit Lamp reflects naturalness and peace


The white rabbit lamp provides sensitive light for the darkest moments of the night. A cute rabbit lamp is a great solution for home decor, as while they create beautiful light around them, they also look stylish with a rabbit statue. During the design process of the product, the Jeff Koons rabbit series was taken as an inspiration. A rabbit lamp is a necessary commodity, which in this case with its stunning appearance at the same time also decorates the home like a rabbit statue as a whole.  The artist has focused on the sensitivity and peace of nature in the white rabbit lamp product. The beautiful result is achieved when nature is combined with practicality in the form of a decorative statue. The white bunny depicts all the innocence and purity that the ecosystem also represents. In the design, it has been desired to create a work of art that is also a practical decoration of the statues.

Material: Resin and Paper
LED Light - Acrylic
LED light
Color temperature:2700K
Light temperature: around 55°C

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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