Bulldog Lamp for Night and Daydreams

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Our Bulldog Lamp product reflects both naturalness and peace to you and surrounds your environment with its soft light. This Bulldog Lamp product adopts the decorative statue theme and is designed for you to witness peaceful and creative moments in your home or workplace. The product is designed and manufactured by Haoshi Design. It belongs to Haoshi's 2021 design collection. The product has the physical and mental characteristics of the French Bulldog breed. How would you describe the French Bulldog dog breed: as a happy, stubborn, mini, spoiled but as a loyal breed as possible? Yes, definitions right. There are peace and harmony in the structure of this Bulldog Statue, and this has unique functionality in both night light and table lamp concepts. Bulldog lamp's vibrant and soft light creates a romantic and natural atmosphere. You can use this soft and peace light in the bedroom, living room, children's room, and even in the office. The central idea of this bulldog lamp product is romance. When you need, the natural bulldog face will always look up to you and heal you. Bulldog Lamp product makes the statue unique. And it creates a wonderful atmosphere for both your daytime and night dreams. The magnificent brightness and ecological naturalness of this bulldog statue lamp will make you and the area you live in a happier and more peaceful place. Immerse yourself in this unique Bulldog Statue that you want to relax and restful when you come home from work. Take advantage of the peaceful moment it creates in your home and room. This will be good for you. Maybe you should also drink a glass of espresso or coffee to go along with good music. It will be a unique experience.

The Bulldog Lamp Statue that smiling at you in your happy and peaceful moments, will also create an extraordinary atmosphere with its lights.

This bulldog statue can be used both day and night for different purposes. If you wish, a decorative statue that brings color and peace to the interior of your home during the day; At night, you can choose it as a night light lamp that allows you to have happy and peaceful dreams. It provides guidance to both your dreams during the day and your night dreams in the darkness. There are peace and harmony in it's nature. 

Technical characteristics of Bulldog Lamp

  • Material: Resin, Paper, LED Light, Acrylic
  • Color temperature:2700K
  • Light temperature: around 55°C
  • Voltage:110V - 240V
  • Size: W270 MM X D170 MM X H315 MM.
  • Weight: 2.0 KGS

Care and Use

The bulldog lamp is for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure.  If you need it, clean with a dry cloth. The design and production of the Bulldog Lamp product belong to the Haoshi Design brand.

Resin, Paper, LED Light, Acrylic

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Our lamps are for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure.  If you need it, clean with a dry cloth.

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