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About Us

What are we doing here?
We are the sales partner of some we selected artists and brands that produce special designs in Home Decor and Artistic Creativity. All of the products here are a result of handmade and creative processes. We are excited to offer these products to anyone who wants to create an artistic atmosphere in their home decor. Some of the materials used are; Resin, Bronze, Metal, Iron, Wood, Glass, etc. The modern and contemporary approach was offered by Sculpture, Wood Wall ArtAbstract Art.

We live in space, in these spaces, these towns, this countryside, these rooms, these parks. We can touch. We can even allow ourselves to dream. This is how space begins, with thought only and story signs traced on the blank room.

Space as invention:


The chief benefit of the house is that the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. But even more, an architectural space frames, halts, strengthens and focuses our thoughts, and prevents them from getting lost. We can dream and sense our being outdoors, but we need the architectural geometry of a room to think clearly. The geometry of thought echoes the geometry of the room (Living Space, Everywhere).

Production Process