Guitar Wine Rack to 7 Bottle For Retro and Vintage Decor


The iron material was transformed into a Guitar Wine Rack for 7 Bottle as a result of a creative process. You can use this product as a storage and holder, so you can protect up to 7 Bottle in a functional and aesthetic way. This product, which makes a creative contribution to the theme of Wine Decor and Accessories, brings together both music lovers and wine lovers. At the same time, when we think about with a more minimal and thematic lens, it is a complementary and unique and good gifts for Guitar Players and Lovers. Offering a thematic focus to music lovers and wine lovers in this sense, this product can be preferred for the idea of an unique and good gift option. This product, which produces both functional and aesthetic aura, can be used to create a decorative atmosphere in areas such as Kitchen, Living Room, Garden, Bedroom. There are natural and silver details in the design of the product, which is designed with completely handmade techniques and has many creative and technical processes such as stamping, welding, polishing and painting. All these processes accelerated the emergence of the 7 bottle Guitar Wine Rack. The product is decorative and modular. It can be dismantled and transported easily. This Guitar Wine Rack product features vintage and retro details. These details give the product a characteristic and thematic style.

Material: Iron
Color: Silver
Product size: 14.1X7.5X31.4 INCHES | 36X19X80 CM
Package size: 14.9X7.9X17.7 INCHES | 38X20X45 CM
Product weight: 1610g.
Package weight: 1950g.

Package List
1 * 7 Bottle Guitar Wine Rack

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