Natural Glass Sculpture

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Images of one sensory realm feed further imagery in another modality with Sculpture, Wooden Art, Glass Art, Abstract Art, Modern Design, Crative Home Decor at the Your Living Space. Images of presence give rise to images of memory, imagination and dream. ‘[T]he chief benefit of the house [Heim] [is that] the spaces shelters daydreaming, the spaces protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace,’ writes Bachelard. But even more, an architectural space [architectural design, so Home Decor] frames, halts, strengthens and focuses our thoughts, and prevents them from getting lost. We can dream and sense our being outdoors, but we need the architectural geometry of a room to think clearly. The geometry of thought echoes the geometry of the space.

We design the geometry of thought's with Home Decor.

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Handmade Creative Artworks for Interior Design Home Decor

Dekorativ Spielzeug und Tischlampe für Schlafzimmer

Spielzeug und Tischlampe für Kinderzimmer oder Schlafzimmer.

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Décorative Jouet et Lampe de Table pour chambre

Jouet et lampe de table pour chambre d'enfant ou chambre à coucher.

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