Nautical Wine Bottle Holder to Anchor Decor


This gorgeous coastal and nautical wine bottle holder captures the eye with all its elegance. A great gift idea for those interested in anchor decor and for wine lovers. Great for both table and floor mounting to nautical decor. The stylish and eye-catching anchor wine bottle rack brings together a maritime spirit and a love for wine and nautical themed. You can place a bottle of wine on both the right and left side of the anchor in the iron anchor. The magnificent anchor keeps the wines in a suitable position so that they are ready to drink. The top of the wine bottle rack has its own place where you can conveniently store the wine caps. The product has been designed by a professional so that it is suitable for placing on both the floor and the table. The product has an inspiring factor and theme with nautical decor and nautical theme interior. That is why it is modeled on a wise anchor, which symbolizes seafaring. In addition to the kitchen, the nautical wine rack is a great decoration product for a living room, bedroom, office, or garden. The function of the anchor at sea is to keep the ship in place in the middle of the waves. The anchor is sunk into the bottom and usually has two or three hooks. The anchor also has a long chain that extends from the bottom to the surface to the ship. An anchor will see to it that the ship will remain, if necessary, in the right place and to prevent the vessel from drifting with the waves of elsewhere. Our designers have created a wonderful decorative item product, which in turn ensures that the wine has a good shelf life. The product can conveniently store two bottles at a time and several wine bottle caps as well. This gorgeous decorative product serves as a great gift idea for wine lovers who like not only wine but also the sea, nautical, and everything related to it.

Material: Iron
Product size: 33 X 12 X 40 CM | 13 X 4.7 X 17.7 INCH
Package size: 35 X 13 X 42 CM | 13.8 X 5.1 X 16.5 INCH
Product weight: 1090GR.
Package weight: 1600GR.

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