Rabbit Lamp to Night and Daydreams


The rabbit lamp and sculpture on offer offers soothing and sweet night lights that bring the silent silence of nature to our home. When you want to dream during the day and have a romantic atmosphere at night, what you need is a work of art with a stylish and decorative character, namely a rabbit lamp. This handcrafted rabbit piece of art is used as a night light in the dark and as a stylish and decorative sculpture during the day. And in this sense, it has dazzling, simple, artistic, and natural creativity. In the darkness of the night, the best lighting is provided by night lamps, creating a suitable gentle light in the dark. Where did this rabbit lamp come from? Could they be from a park near your home, perhaps, or from the edge of a large forest of fields? Or have they come directly from the workshop of a professional in their field, an artist? This rabbit table lamp and the decorative sculpture comes straight from the artist’s interior design online store. In order to bring out the purity and peace of nature as well as possible, a beautiful white has been chosen as the color for the bunnies. The white color represents the peace and purity that has been desired in the foreground of the product so that the bunny lamp created the strongest possible contrast to the darkness of the night.

Material: Resin and Paper
LED Light - Acrylic
LED light
Color temperature:2700K
Light temperature: around 55°C

Resin, Paper, LED Light, Acrylic

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Our lamps are for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure.  If you need it, clean with a dry cloth.

Your rhythm and mood in day or night

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The soft illumination creates a lively and comfortable style. When you need, the beautiful face (cat, dog, rabbit, bird, lion) will always look up to you and heal you. The style and light of the lamps transforms the space and convert your rhythm and mood. Our lamps emits light with just right brightness and makes every day unusual.

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