Metal Cactus Sculpture by Stainless Steel


Arizona's naturalness is like an eternal yet prickly dream: just like its cactus and saguaro. It surrounds you and forces you to imagine. This metal cactus sculpture product is a modern and abstract product that comes or include into your life as an extraordinary result of our observations from our travel to Arizona. Arizona's unique scenery and natural beauty fascinated us. We welcomed it like an oasis and wanted to make it part of our designs. During our trip with our designer team, we observed how important the cactus plant is for the state of Arizona. Arizona's extraordinary landscape fascinated us. Cactus plants with endless and different characteristics were inspiring for us. And we started to imagine this as a design object: A metal cactus sculpture. We returned to our office and we got the job, our dream back in our hands. Drawings, sketches, prototypes.

Highlighting the eternal and mysterious beauty of Arizona's naturalness, this cactus sculpture was designed with modern and abstract details using stainless steel material. This cactus sculpture, which is a very unusual, modern, contemporary, and abstract artwork, brings an extraordinary detail to your home or office from the unique view of Arizona.

Technical Specifications

Material: Stainless Steel.
Color: Golden.
Product size: 41 X 16 X 48 CM | 16.1 X 6.3 X 18.9 INCHES.
Package size: 49 X 24 X 56 CM | 19.3 X 9.4 X 22 INCHES.
Product weight: 2220 GR. 78.3 OZ.
Package Weight: 3800 GR. | 134 OZ.

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