Abstract Geometric Sculpture Accent Decor Grey Bedroom & Living Room Ideas

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Geometric and Decorative Sculptures Colors:

It repeats the form of life and forms lines. Each form represents a line, and the lines can become a new form. The product will be used for Accent Decor; unusual and aesthetic is decorative artwork for Grey Bedroom Ideas and Grey Living Room Ideas. Minimal, Cozy, Chic and Boho details give the product an extraordinary aesthetic appearance. The lines may break and multiply or be replaced by another line. The sculpture has been the name for the category designating the sensible and intelligible form of what we call "Art." In philosophical terms, we can call it a vacuum. Also, in artistic terms, destruction, and creativity. Produced with Abstract, Modern and Contemporary details, this artwork presents the form and discovery of life at the Home Decor and Interior Design Ideas. A sculpture designed as decorative and geometric represents not only itself but the form of life with abstract and contemporary details. This decorative and geometric sculpture product with unusual details offers an endless and fascinating texture of blue and grey colors. This Resin Art, which offers an inward look, that is to say, a self focuses on itself and enters into philosophical thought. Designed as Accent Decor, you can use this Home Decor Sculpture to create an artistic and charming atmosphere in your living space. Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office, such as Tabletop, Dresser, Bookcase, Console, Dining Table, Coffee Table Decor is a unique idea. Featuring the geometric, decorative and figurative features of artistic creativity in fascinating colors, this work is an ideal choice for Scandinavian style and Interior Design Ideas. The product is made of resin material. The creative character embodies all the details of Abstract Sculpture; the lines look inward and the form is broken and replaced with a new form. Colors have a warm, minimal texture. This Abstract Sculpture is an aesthetic and decorative detail at the Home Decor and Interior Design Ideas.

Material: Resin
Color: Blue or Grey
Product size: 7.1X6.3X11.8 INCHES | 18X16X30 CM
Package size: 8X11X15.7 INCHES | 30X28X40 CM
Product weight: 1980g.
Package weight: 2500g.

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1 * Abstract and Decorative Sculpture

Their has a contemporary, modern geometric feel with an abstract look

Abstract Sculptures

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We offer an expansive portfolio of contemporary design pieces that will mesmerize your guests and keep your home looking beautiful. From the Scandinavian aesthetic to modernism, our resin pieces are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Add a touch of art to your home or office with this abstract, geometric resin sculpture. It's perfect for the modern & Scandinavian interior design look, and will make any room feel more modern. You'll love how it changes the lighting in the room and how it matches any decor.

It has a contemporary, modern geometric feel with an abstract look. This sculpture would make for a great centerpiece in any living room or bedroom. It's perfect for adding some style, personality, and color to an interior space that needs it.

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