Colorful Blue Metal Sculpture Home Decor Accent with "$" Sign

$229.99 $269.99

Art carries endless inspirations, colors, design, harmony and mobility are the main focus of this artistic intensity. This special Metal Sculpture, designed by choosing the endless interaction of blue from cast iron, is a unique and artistic accessory for Home Decor, especially Home Decor Accent Ornament. The Metal Sculpture seems like the dollar sign “$”. This abstract colorful dollar sign can be rotated and viewed from all sides to become a different experience every time at the Home Decor Ornament. The Iron Sculpture is a very dramatic statement piece that will be a standout in any home or office decor.

Color: Blue
Material: Iron
Product size: 23 X 26.5 X 51.5 CM
Package size: 28 X 23 X 58 CM
Product weight: 1560g.
Package weight: 2100g.

Package List
1 * Colorful Metal Sculpture

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