Metal Christmas Tree Sculpture


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The diachronic relationship we established with contemporary and modern art led us to produce this Metal Christmas Tree, taking into account aesthetic and minimal concerns with gold color. Tabletop, Mini, Miniature and Small Christmas Tree is designed as gold color and an extraordinary artwork for Decor. Contemporary Art has adopted an approach of breaking and liberating boundaries. An important and aesthetic technique like sculpture has a have important privilege in the contemporary art approach. This Christmas Tree Sculpture is an example of a contemporary and Abstract Art approach. Especially for those who adopt a minimal, aesthetic and contemporary approach in Home Decor is a unique artwork. You can use this product as a unique artwork for Christmas decorations. It has a minimal and aesthetic style, so you don't have to decorate a tree, as usual in Christmas. Console Decor is an aesthetic and minimal product for Bookcase Decor and Coffee Tables Decor. This alone is enough. A work of art that you can use for a lifetime is produced in a limited number. The sculpture is designed in gold stainless steel and represents the Christmas Tree. This unique artwork is a work of art that is entirely born of abstract and intellectual clarity. And the inspiration of this product is directly Christmas Tree. Art and Craft make nature possible in here with this Tabletop Christmas Tree. Design, instead of creating mere objects of visual seduction, relates, mediates and projects meanings. The ultimate meaning of any design is beyond thought; it directs our consciousness back to the world and towards our own sense of self and being. In this unique product and in general about our products; In the experience of art, a peculiar exchange takes place; I lend my Emotions and Association of Ideas to space and space lends me its atmosphere, which entices and emancipates my perceptions and thoughts. Thus, neurons that fire together wire together in thought by way of living space.


Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold
Tree Size as CM: 35 X 23 X 62.
Tree Size as INCHES: 13.65 X 8.97 X 24.18.
Package Size as CM: 43X21X70.
Package Size as INCHES: 16.77X8.19X27.3.
Product Weight: 1756g.
Package Weight: 3650g.

Art is a powerful form of expression with sculptures:

Art is a powerful form of expression. Whether you want to breathe life into a dull office, or warm up the cold walls in your living room, handcrafted metal sculptures are a statement piece that can't be ignored. Abstract shapes and colors come together to create unique pieces of art that will stand out from anything else in your space. The perfect sculptures for your space is made of metal. These captivating works of art are hand-picked by our talented metal sculptor. Whether you're looking for modern, abstract, geometric, or colorful, we can find something that will fit your space perfectly.

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