Haoshi Swallow Clock: Time waits for no one, flying like a bird

$320 $400

Haoshi Swallow Clock: Time & freedom waits for no one, flying like a swallow. This artwork which is part of the Haoshi Clock series feels both time and freedom at the same time and reflects this in your life with the theme of flying swallows wall hanging. This Swallow Clock produced by Haoshi Design that represents a modern creation between natural and artistic creativity. It is the calmness and peace of nature is the only thing that gives this product its character. The product owes its existential richness to the work of "Being and Time" by a philosopher like Martin Heidegger. This swallow clock product is an existential richness. And doing this is only possible with a balance between freedom and time, and catch each other's eye. This Haoshi Swallow Clock product will show you what time is it and at the same time make you think freedom and be independent. For this, make an ideal place in your room, office, home.

These swallows reflect both the wall clock and the wall art theme together by Haoshi Design

Presenting a dialectical relationship between space and time, between freedom and independence that this swallow wall art item has a fascinating grandeur as Haoshi Design product. Twelve birds represent different exposure in this Haoshi Sparrow Clock which positions time like a natural and philosophical balance. In this Swallow Wall Clock, twelve little birds are represented in different poses, such as when the photographer pressed the shutter. These little sparrows think of both time and freedom simultaneously. Thus, it relaxes you both philosophically and artistically. This is literally both an emotional and artistic moment. The artist, who wants to immortalize this special especially for birdwatchers, reflects this theme as a dialectic relationship between space and time. This finds its best functionality in a modern wall clock theme. This artwork is designed and produced by Haoshi Design. It is part of Haoshi's "Clock" series.


Material: Resin Taiwan Movement - Fluorescent Whitening Agent
Color: White
Product size MM: W100 X D650 X H650


Can be used a duster to clean the swallow's surface gently.


Each swallow has its own number on the back. Please tear apart the adhesive tape then paste them in order on the marks. Attention: Please press lightly for 30 seconds on each bird to ensure they really stick to the wall. According to your preference, we offer three different sizes of a pie charts. Choose one of them to make a mark through the hole and poke it by pencil.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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