What Time is it in the Bird Nest? Pink Sparrow to Modern Wall Clock


Designed using the sculpture technique, these two little Pink sparrows remember that they were on a mission as they were about to leave their home: they waiting a little bit to tell you what time is it. Subsequently, they produce a special feeling and motivation as if they would fly immediately. Sparrow's functional tasks in this product are to tell you what time it is. But they also have aesthetic and special tasks: To produce a peaceful and calm motivation for you to make a good start to a happy and exciting day. We have designed these Pink Sparrows as Wall Clock with modern and minimalist details so providing a creative and colorful solution for a happy and natural start to a brillant and peace morning. The pink color that we prefer to characterize the smooth transition and the moment produces a minimal feeling with the Wall Clock function. And so it provides a colorful and sophisticated home and bird's nest concept for Sparrows. In order to balance this peaceful environment provided by the pink house and nest, we preferred the white color in the design of the Sparrows. Thus, harmony, naturalness and creativity are balanced with modern details via resin sculpture. Morning dew attached to the wings, the city's air mixed with the smell of trees and flowers, the sun shuttles when sparrows jump between houses, joyful singing sometimes while flying to spread and praises the color of the city.

Material: Resin Taiwan Movement - Florescent Whitening Agent
Color: White - Pink
Product size MM: W820 X D80 X H450
Product size CM: W8.2 X D8 X H4.5

Can be use duster to clean the parrot surface gently. Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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