Green Cuckoo Clock: From within Nature to Fresh Mornings


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Green is the color of nature. Re-stories the story of both nature and the world. So we can describe it as a happy color. The green are the color of peace and calmness. Provides peace and happiness. The green color calls us from nature and emphasizes fresh mornings with this Cuckoo Clock. There is a symbiotic partnership between birds and time. Birds fly as if they did not have a plan, as if they were not dependent on time. Both fly. We are open-mouthed at the rapid passage of time. The fly freely of birds are always fascinating to us. We have a similar experience in the soft and emotional texture of green. From a philosophical point of view in the together, we considered the concepts of time and flying, so we designed the Cuckoo Clock with modern and minimalist details. With Green Cuckoo Clock, we want to contribute to your time control experiencemore closely and freely. This Cuckoo Clock features minimal and modern details and a soft pattern of green color. You can use this Green Cuckoo Clock as Wall or Table Clock. But the best position is the Wall Clock position. Resin material is used in this product and sculpture technique is the basic motif. Applying the simply sound setting to arrange the first birdsong start at 6:00 and the last time at 22:00 everyday. Which let you have a quiet night's sleep.

Material: Resin Taiwan Movement - Florescent Whitening Agent
Color: Green- White
W100mm × D125mm × H220mm
Bird - W55mm × D75mm × H70mm

Maintenance - Attention 
Can be use duster to clean the swallos surface gently. Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely. Place three UM-2 (C) carbon-zinc batteries. Do not use alkaline batteries for it will cause damages to clock movement. Battery not included

Resin, Fluorescent Whitening Agent

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Our wall clocks are for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure.  If you need it, clean with a dry cloth.

Each bird has its own number on the back. Please tear apart the adhesive tape then paste them in order on the marks. Attention: Please press lightly for 30 seconds on each bird to ensure they really stick to the wall. According to your preference, we offer three different sizes of a pie charts. Choose one of them to make a mark through the hole and poke it by pencil.

Wall Clocks

Time are like Birds: flying and passed

Fly over seasons, always hold each other. Grew up at wetland, play in the forest. Fly around, east to west, north to south, year by year. The world is always warm, and the earth is my home.


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