Piggy Bank - the new decorative styles to save with your kids

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Give your little ones a piggy bank that is not only fun to use, but also looks great! The adorable and cutest Piggy Bank is made of Cast Iron with Vintage Modern approach. It is lightweight and sturdy, and the kids can play with it and also great ornament-artwork for Home Decor. This Animal (so Mouse, Cat) Piggy Bank has mini eyes, which seems very cute. This lovely mouse figure was made by exquisite workmanship and special style, and the surface has a sand effect. The mouse’s mouth is regarded as the coin slot. It helps you to save more money. The mouse looks at you with “feed me” expression, which greatly helps your baby to develop a habit of saving money. You can use this beautiful product as a cute accessory in your children's room (Nursery, Baby Room) or kitchen and even in your living room, and you can gain a habit of keeping your children money safe and protecting them.

Color: Bamboo Green
Material: Iron
Product size: 14 X 14 X 16cm.
Package size: 16 X 16 X 18cm.
Product weight: 255g / 9ounce
Package weight: 350g/ 12.3ounce

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1 * Piggy Bank

Show your sense of humor with a witty piggy bank that's as unique as you are:

These cute and beautiful piggy bank are perfect for both kids and adults! Whether it's a child who needs to learn the importance of saving money, or an adult looking for a cool décor piece, this bank has something to offer. It's handmade and comes in a range of colors and patterns for you to choose from.

Piggy banks are great for teaching kids about saving money, but they are also fun to have around the house! Whether you want to get a cute piggy bank for your kids or some funny ones for your office, our handmade products are too good to pass up. Great for saving up your piggy bank, or if you're looking for some cute decor in your home or office, these products will never let you down.

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