Metal Handmade Animal Cute Piggy Money Bank for Kids

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Piggy Bank is a functional and instructive product to give children some habits. Children, first of all, learn to protect their money with a Piggy Bank and collect them. A piggy bank is a great tutorial. Every day to see something accumulate and increase the ability to build children's. That's Piggy Bank. They see that something (for example coin-money) is growing and they gain an important gain. It makes a significant difference in spiritual and mental development. Saving them requires a lot of effort while protecting them requires a lot of effort: that's it responsibility. Children gain important knowledge with an object, responsibility is one of them. This product is a functional product for living spaces and home décor as well as educational material for children. Can be used as a Beautiful Ornament in the Children's Room, Baby Room or Kitchen and so it is designed as a result of completely handmade processes. Made of the Metal material. In this sense, it is a nice product for Home Decoration as well as a good choice for Gifts for Kids.

Color: Red and Gold
Material: Iron
Product size: 11 X 10 X 14cm.
Package size: 12 X 11 X 16cm.
Product weight: 135g.
Package weight: 200g.

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1 * Piggy Bank

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