White Vase Series to Flowers and Diffuser Reeds with Squirrel Statue


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Squirrel Statue with Vase Series:

These squirrel statues which are designed as a white vase for single flower or several flower branches bring the peace and purity of nature all the way into your home. They can with their white stem vase detail, be used to place a single or few flowers or a diffuser reeds.

"Knock on, Knock on!" Does the sound come from the window or from the door? Hmmm. You have a guest from the forest, from gardens or from a nearby park. Hurry to open the window or door. These ornamental squirrels (as a statue) look at you in all their aesthetic grace, attention, and light in their eyes. And maybe il they like to tell you something. See, they're still standing. These white-clad squirrel figurines give you beautiful fresh flowers that they have brought from nature. Could it be your favorite flower? Quite ideally, these vases offer a very creative mood for dried flowers in different colors. The white color is in absolute balance and interplay with all other colors. These decorative resin squirrel figurines products will change the aura of your home with details that lie between plants and nature, nature, and art and will enhance creativity.

You can choose these adorable and baby squirrels in the dining room, living room, bedroom, or in children's rooms. And with their glass tubes, they can make room for flowers and diffuser reeds. They can also be enjoyed on the windowsill and on bookcases, wall shelves, console tables, chests of drawers, sideboards, display cabinets, corner shelves, coffee tables, bookshelves, TV tables, and will certainly attract attention. This atmosphere presents you with the tranquility and purity of nature in combination with the Scandinavian and minimalist theme. They will appear dazzling with their aesthetic creativity. The product combines the characteristic details of three different squirrels with sculptural techniques. And they thus highlight that squirrel's family theme for decor and ornament. This vase offers, naturalness, and simplicity with its dazzling aesthetic creativity.

The glass vase on the squirrel's back or front can be easily removed for washing. Due to its creative aesthetic design, these vases are intended as little vases and are intended and ideal for only a few flower branches. In this sense, the vase focuses on aesthetic, modern, and contemporary design. They can put a flower or a diffuser reeds in essence to complement the design of the home. This design, no matter which solution you choose, brings the naturalness of the flowers into your home. Diffuser (oil, aroma, aromatherapy) cleans the air and refreshes the living room aura. They bring you peace and luck so that you can start each day a fresh and happy. These squirrels that are in perfect interplay with figures for the home theme are a creative choice as a housewarming gift. And they have a dazzling simplicity.

They are produced with the resin material with the sculptural technique and are available in limited numbers.

Material: Resin & Glass
Vase for Diffuser Reeds: W110mm X D60mm X H140mm / 250g
Vase for Dried Flowers: W95mm X D60mm X H140mm / 250g
Vase for Tulip and Little Flowers: W90mm X D60mm X H150mm / 250g

Resin, Paper, LED Light, Acrylic

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