Modern wall clock - like just before or later, like a crumple paper

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A beautiful and modern wall clock that tells (as a metaphorical) you the time in a way that's easy on the eyes. Time is not something you throw away like crumpled paper. This is philosophical and theoretical. But this modern wall clock creates a unique contrast with like time's theory. Now plan your time and calm down. "Modern" is what you will find with this wall clock. What time is it now, or at the future? Because morning/evening are not the same. Create your own custom wall clock. The innovative design, made by an award-winning manufacturing team, is clean and stylish. A new paradigm for modern wall clocks. True time as opposed to time as a clock. A perfect gift for anyone who just loves to relax, look at the time, and appreciate nature.

This modern wall clock is made from resin with easy to see numbers. It invites you to look at the time and enjoy your leisurely life. A new style of wall clock, just like the traditional crinkle paper, it has the best use of natural material, which can be reused for many years. With this smart idea of modern wall clock, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of timing. Time is pulled to your hand when you need it. A modern clock that shows the time with minimal body. Simple, elegant, noble. The best wall clock that you can find for yourself or your loved ones.

W280mm x D33mm x H280mm


Our modern wall clocks are for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure.  If you need it, clean with a dry cloth.

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Now plan your time and calm down conveniently

Time is like a blank sheet of paper in this modern wall clock, calm and simple:

You can put it anywhere, on the wall or on the bookshelf, however you choose. It's both practical and decorative, making it perfect for almost any room in your home.

This modern wall clock looks like a wrinkled paper, but it's made of resins, the same material used to make modern clocks. We thought we were done with clocks. But we're not. After all, we've got a universe to wrap around the universe and we're not willing to sacrifice our wall clocks. So why stop there? It's time to go back in time and bring back the big, bad wolf! We've decided to bring modern clock aesthetics back with our new, modern wall clock designs.