Abstract Modern Resin Sculpture Bookcase-Console & Coffee Tables Decor


Modern Art finds it important to push some limits of creativity and simplify it. For this purpose, it tries to disrupt it, its main purpose is to reproduce the form, aesthetics, and object. Artistic creativity tries to approach and touch the object especially at the Home Decor. He divides it into images and think with Living Space. Thinking and aestheticizing modern art in an architectural space is the basic approach of this Sculpture. This Sculpture is designed from a Resin material with a modern art approach. In particular, Console Decor is an aesthetic and functional product for Bookcase Decor and Coffee Tables. You can use it in many areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway. This is an about Modern and Abstract Sculpture with Resin material and Expressionism Sculpture technique. Good and most meaningful days (for example Holiday Season and Christmas Days) require good preparation and planning. The artist contorts and reconfigure the lines and then created a concise, fashionable and beautiful artwork. It seems as if something separated and then reunited. The Abstract Sculpture is made by an environmental resin material. After several times painting treatment, the surface shows natural cracks effect. The rich and changing colors and grains make the sculpture unique. It is aesthetic and inspiring for Christmas Decorations.

Material: Resin
Color: Rose Madder
Product size: 33 X 40 X 40cm.
Package size: 40 X 45 X 45cm.
Product weight: 3430g.
Package weight: 4000g.

Package List
1 * Modern Aesthetic Resin Sculpture

Their has a contemporary, modern geometric feel with an abstract look

Abstract Sculptures

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We offer an expansive portfolio of contemporary design pieces that will mesmerize your guests and keep your home looking beautiful. From the Scandinavian aesthetic to modernism, our resin pieces are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Add a touch of art to your home or office with this abstract, geometric resin sculpture. It's perfect for the modern & Scandinavian interior design look, and will make any room feel more modern. You'll love how it changes the lighting in the room and how it matches any decor.

It has a contemporary, modern geometric feel with an abstract look. This sculpture would make for a great centerpiece in any living room or bedroom. It's perfect for adding some style, personality, and color to an interior space that needs it.

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