Abstract Modern Sculpture with White Resin Figurative Decor

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The Sculpture is the historical survival of unique moments. A moment, a fascinating and unique moment of time is excavated. For those who design the living space in the Living Room, Bedroom or Study Room with White Home Decoration colors, this product is a great complementary work of art. The artist reflects the power of thought to his object through sculpture. This product is an example of White Sculpture and Abstract Sculpture. White is chosen as a color that we think reflects the simplicity of the Soul and Living Space. White refreshes the space and gives back the inner nature of the space as an atmosphere. You can use this product for many purposes, it is a great work of art as well as a functional decoration. Adds an Abstract and Contemporary element to your space. Artistic design adds meaning to human existence, renews it and perfects it. Art is like the sun that appears on a cold day, and warms and protects the human. It provides inspiration and energy to its development. Designed using Sculpture technique made by the Resin material, this special White Sculpture adopts figurative and abstract design. Designed for Living Room, Bedroom or Study Room and for Home Decor in general. 

Material: Resin
Color: White
Product size: 20 X 15 X 44cm.
Package size: 25 X 20 X 49cm.

Package List
1 * White Abstract Sculpture

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