Single Wine Bottle Holder On Table & Countertop Decor or Gifts

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Home decor enthusiasts have a special interest in artistic objects. Cultural habits play an important role here. For example, a concept product designed for Wine Lovers and Airplane Lovers is received with even more interesting attention, especially if it adopts a handmade and handcraft technique as a character. Have you imagined an airplane as a Home Decor Ornament and Decorative Toys? We imagined and designed her as a product of Wine Bottle Holder and the decorative accent as a single countertop and on table product. Designed for wine lovers and home decor enthusiasts, this product is made of metal with a vintage approach. The product has a vintage texture, but as you will see, it is designed in a modern style. Offering an aesthetic and decorative pieces appearance for Console Table, Bookcase Decor or Dining Table, this Small Wine Bottle Holder fulfills a simple and functional task as a superior competence. We realize that there are few gift options for wine lovers, so as Home Decor Store we produce this aesthetic and functional product for Gifts For Wine Lovers. There is a simple reason when using the Airplane Ornament figure as a toys; make yourself happy and peaceful while drinking wine; you feel like you're flying. This feeling gives you ve your loved one happiness.

Color: Yellow, Blue, Red
Material: Iron
Product size: 37X28X16 CM.
Package size: 25X29X17 CM.
Product weight: 600g.
Package weight: 900g.

Package List
1 * Single and Small Wine Bottle Holder with Airplane Figure

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