Vintage Analog Flamingo Clock For Farmhouse Home Decor

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This is an about Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Flamingo Chrismas Ornaments for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts with Analog Flamingo Clock. The Christmas Flamingo Ornaments deliberately adopts retro craftsmanship to have a vintage effect inspiration Vintage Style. After several processes, it is finally formed. The Analog Clock was added into the classic design, which made the product not only a decoration gift but more practical, for example, Christmas Decorations. Christmas is very special and takes days, weeks and months to prepare. Preparing for Christmas is a good and energetic feeling, some plans will be made. People look for Good Gifts (for example Cool Christmas Gifts) for their loved ones, it takes a lot of time but it is funny. This special product for Christmas Decorations is a very good decoration (for example; Christmas Table Decorations) object and at the same time a wonderful and Handmade Christmas Gifts. For this reason, it is ideal for Homemade Christmas Gifts and Good Christmas Gifts as it is made as a result of handmade processes.

Material: Iron
Color: Coffee
Product size: 16 * 7 * 27cm.
Package size: 18 * 10 * 30cm.
Product weight: 230g.
Package weight: 530g.

Package List
1 * Vintage Analog Flamingo Clock For Farmhouse Home Decor

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