In the land of fairytales, a cute frog ornament hops into your life!


This frog ornament is the cutest thing you'll ever see. This handmade animal figurine is hand-sculpted by the artist. It's a cute little green frog figurine that'll look adorable on any shelf or table, and make people's day. It includes a hook for hanging outside your house, or inside your home to add some color and charm. The frog will make you smile every time you pass by. If you love frogs, don't miss out on this cutest frog ornament. It will be the perfect gift for you or your friend who loves frogs. This figurine ornament is handmade and is an ideal decorative item at home.

Product size: 19 X 9 X 25.5 CM / 7.5 X 3.5 X 10 INCHES.
Package size: 21 X 10 X 27 CM / 8.3 X 3.9 X 10.6 INCHES.
Product weight: 310 GR.
Package weight: 430 GR.

Package list: Only Green item.

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