Metal Rooster Statue to Vintage Farmhouse-Rustic, French Country Decor


Some styles in home decor have basic questions; Which artwork should I choose for which style, and what kind of harmony and aura will this product create for this home decor style? This aesthetic product has a complementary harmony and naturalness for Farmhouse, Rustic, French Country, Southern Living, Shabby Chic, Traditional, Cozy, Vintage, Retro, Cottage styles. Certainly, the defining character of these styles is naturalness. We characterized the figurines of Rooster and Chicken, which represent naturalness, using metal and statue technique as decorative item. It is a very special issue for women to design and esthetize the kitchen in the ideal and most harmonious way. Because the kitchen has a special aura that contributes to the emotional intensity. There are symbolically privileged figurines in this aura; Rooster and Chicken are one of these figurines. Because many wonderful recipes and prescription are the subject. In absolute terms, some figurines have a great harmony and symbolism with some places like a Kitchen and Garden. We want to make a concrete and decorative contribution to this aesthetic feeling produced by the kitchen by using artistic creativity with the figure of Rooster. We finalized this product which we designed with sculpture and statue technique with colorful and landelijke details, and we present it with a defining concept like basic Rooster Kitchen Decor. We combined a retro and vintage approach with modern and warm colors in the design story. We matched the vintage and landelijke effect produced by Cast Iron material with warm colors and produced an aesthetic idea and aura for Kitchen Decorations, which stands out with this colorfulness. This Metal Rooster Statue, which has high symbolic and aesthetic value, has a thematic harmony with styles such as Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, Rustic and French Country. For many home decor enthusiasts looking for style differentiation and overlap, it is an unusual choice and inspiration for the idea of ​​ornament and decorations. It is a creative option, especially for people looking for thematic gifts on special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas or Housewarming.

Material: Iron
Color: Yellow, Blue and Grey
Product size: 8.4X4.1X9.8 INCHES | 21.5X10.5X25 CM
Package size: 6.9X4.3X10.2 INCHES | 17.5X11X26 CM
Product weight: 360g.
Package weight: 480g.

Package List
1 * Metal Rooster Statue

These cuties will make for a great, rustic, farmhouse and natural addition to your home

We design, manufacture, and sell our products to help you bring your style to life. Our product is handmade in our studio, which means that every piece of metal has been handled by us personally to make sure it's the best quality possible - no machine was involved! No matter what your style or need is, we have something that'll fit perfectly into your home. Give your yard, garden, or patio the farmhouse charm you've always wanted with our charming metal roosters and chickens. Our rustic bird sculptures are perfect for the country feel you've always wanted. They will add character to any home while adding meaning to your yard.

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