Chicken Flower Pot Holder & Plant Vase at the Indoor & Outdoor Plant

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We design our home or living space through things that will add vitality to us; plants are one of these values. We get freshness and energy from them, regulate the biochemistry of our living space and create a new aura. This formulation is good and healthy for us. We try to grow many plants on the terrace, in the garden or indoors as indoor plants. We care for them carefully and meet their basic needs (sun, light, water, earth, and air). And we expect them to give energy and vitality. This is a cycle and a process. Therefore, it is a good source of energy for both sides. Each plant has a special growth process, some plants require light and contact with the sun; some plants also love darkness and complete their development in the dark. Each plant has a voice, breath, and will. And in fact, plants always follow their visible environment. Just like we're watching them. They know if we're going, or they'il know if we're with them. They even know the color of our tie. Designed for Indoor Plant and Garden Plant, this Plant Pot is made of metal. The product was based on the Chicken and Rooster figure. In this sense, the product has an aesthetic appearance. Indoor Plant can be used in places like Kitchen, Living Room, Entryway, Bedroom, Bathroom. Or you can also evaluate it in the Garden and Outdoor Plants arrangement. The style is vintage and inspired by a Farmhouse and Rustic design. In this sense, it provides a natural and aesthetic appearance. Indoor Plants is a unique decoration item for Chicken and Rooster Kitchen Decor.

Material: Iron & Baking paint
Color: White & Yellow & Brown
Product size: 20X17X16 CM.
Package size: 25X18X17 CM.
Product weight: 440g.
Package weight: 600g.

Package List
1 * Plant Pot Holder

These cuties will make for a great, rustic, farmhouse and natural addition to your home

We design, manufacture, and sell our products to help you bring your style to life. Our product is handmade in our studio, which means that every piece of metal has been handled by us personally to make sure it's the best quality possible - no machine was involved! No matter what your style or need is, we have something that'll fit perfectly into your home. Give your yard, garden, or patio the farmhouse charm you've always wanted with our charming metal roosters and chickens. Our rustic bird sculptures are perfect for the country feel you've always wanted. They will add character to any home while adding meaning to your yard.

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