Red Metal Rooster Kitchen Decor and Farmhouse Decor

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The Rooster attributes were used as an erotic symbol in mythology and history. The rooster is often portrayed as crowing at the break of dawn ("cock-a-doodle-doo"). Especially, in eastern societies, the sound of roosters rises as the day begins to enlighten. This Metal Rooster has been designed by artists, and Red Rooster is designed from an iron material. This Red Rooster has been subjected to many technical processes such as molding, modeling, coloring. It's a product has a functional feature, it is partly portable. It's both decoration and an ornament. The artist when designing the metal rooster product is inspired by the color of the roosters and the natural environment where. In this sense, this product is a great art object for those who adopt Farmhouse Decor and Country Lifestyle. Ladies develop many ideas about Kitchen Decor. This is a very important issue for them. Each product that will represent the kitchen and allow them to organize their areas should have special details. This Metal Rooster offers some inspirations, such as a great Rooster Kitchen Decor art object and a unique for Diy Projects.

Material: Iron
Color: Red and Black
Product size: 18 X 7,9 X 46.5cm.
Package size: 17.9 X 11 X 33.5cm.
Product weight: 441g.
Package weight: 627g.

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1 * Metal Rooster

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