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Rooster Kitchen or Garden Decor with Plant Pot Vase


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The ROOSTER is a member of the gallinaceous bird family in light of scientific data. The products here are Crafts with as a result of Handmade processes. This collection offers an important vitality for Home Decoration and Garden-Yard Decoration. In this sense is an inspiration for Diy Projects and Diy Crafts. The main figure of this collection is Rooster. The term "rooster" originates in the United States. The Male sex of chickens is called Rooster. Adult a Rooster has a unique voice and singing. The hours may vary, but they are intense in the morning. The Artist was inspired by the roosters while designing this product. Design, molding, modeling, painting and refining as a result of many processes has created a great design. The basic material of these products is Metal. Metal is a hard and special material chosen by master artists. And Fire is a unique companion of an iron material. The artist clearly embraced the Country, Rustic and Farmhouse lifestyle when designing these products. Most of the products here are unique for a variety of purposes, as well as a wonderful Home Decoration product, a unique Garden Decoration figure. Offers a great view in the Kitchen Decor or in the Garden Decor.

Color: Multicolor
Material: Metal
Product size: 31 X 14 X 33 cm.
Package size: 34 X 16 X 36 cm.
Product weight: 474g.
Package weight: 750g.

Package List
1 * Rooster Decor for Plant Pot