Hanging Bird Feeder with Chicken Figurines


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Color: Orange

Choosing hanging feeder products for animals (especially small birds) in your garden, on your balcony, on fences, or on your fruit trees is, first of all, a humane approach and perspective. At the same time, such products both enrich the garden decor or ornament themes and make them natural.  We set off from natural life in this cast iron bird feeder product. And in order to combine both functionality and aesthetic creativity, we used our theme preference for chicken figurines that produce a nice and cute image on the balcony or in the garden. And we reflected this on the hanging bird feeder product, which you can use on your balcony or in your garden. This theme is compatible with farmhouse, cottage, country themes. It provides a reference to rural and pastoral life.
We must protect natural creatures and meet their basic needs. Undoubtedly, birds come first among these creatures. Birds love trees. So much so that they make their nests on trees. In this sense, your garden is a special area for them. It is a peaceful practice to hang a hanging bird feeder on your tree or fence in a garden of a detached house and to put corn, wheat, and grain products in it. You don't have to have a garden, you can also hang our bird feeder products on any apartment balcony. Chicken figurines in two different colors have an innocent character in these bird feeder products that are produced using small, unusual, practice, and cast iron material. The homemade and handmade products reference natural life and therefore reflect the chicken and rooster figurines with ornaments. Therefore, you can also put the product on the windowsill without using the hanging feature. The products can be preferred in an apartment balcony, especially in railing and balustrades. In this sense, it is ideal for the balcony bird feeder. The bird feeder is made of sturdy iron material, and the tough and slender steel wire rope and hook are connected to each other so that the feeder can be hung firmly in any place that can support it. The work is designed with barbed wire, which can clearly see the stock of seeds, and its upper cover can be taken out and added seeds. The bottom is a hollow tray and the edges are wide to facilitate bird feeding. After the seeds are eaten, more seeds will naturally fill the tray. It is suitable for outdoor spaces such as residential quarters, balconies, and villa areas to protect the ecological balance.

We offer two different color options: yellow and orange.

Material: Iron
Color: Yellow and Orange
Product size: 16.5X16.5X18.5 CM | 6.5X6.5X7.3 INCHES
Package size: 18X18X20 CM | 7.1X7.1X7.9 INCHES
Product weight: 230g.
Package Weight: 520g.

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