Dinosaur Free Standing Paper Towel Holder For Kitchen, Toilet, Bathroom Desk


This product is designed for Paper Towel Holder and is inspired by a funny and cutest Dinosaur with Handmade method. The Paper Holder is made of cast iron, a brown and vintage approach is adopted. The Dinosaur Paper-Towel Holder with free-standing design can help to keep your space organized especially at the Kitchen, at the Toilet or at the Bedroom and Bathroom. The Paper Roll Holder is made of cast iron. It can remain stable when you put the tissue paper on it. It can be used to hold a roll of paper towel, bathroom tissue and more. You can use this cute and beautiful decoration product in the kitchen, in the bedroom; on the desk and create a nice atmosphere. It is a great choice for Paper Holder for Desk and Kitchen Paper Towel Holder. It saves you space. And also, this product is fun and cutest Kitchen Home Decor accessories. 

Color: Bronze-colored
Material: Cast Iron
Product size: 11 X 8 X 36cm.
Package size: 15 X 12 X 40cm.
Product weight: 892g / 31.46ounce
Package weight: 1220g / 43.03ounce

Package List
1 * Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder for Desk and Kitchen

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