Aesthetic Bird Napkin Holder Decorative Kitchen Storage Ornament


This ornament is designed as Bird Napkin Holder which offers a special atmosphere as aesthetics and decorative in special areas such as kitchen and dining room. In the design process, we characterized the Bird Figurine using metal material. In the design process, we characterized the Bird figure using metal material. Figurative handmade artwork is for Kitchen Theme Accessories and Bird Ornament. The simple and functional approach in the Kitchen and in the Home Decor has some benefits. You need to protect the space and save space. Some plans are made for this and aesthetic and functional concerns come together. Designed by adopting Metal (Cast Iron) and Vintage approach, this Napkin Holder offers a special aesthetic appearance, as well as a functional product in the kitchen, hall, bedroom, study room or bathroom. You can use this product to put paper napkins on the desktop or on the kitchen counter and create an aesthetic atmosphere. The artist is inspired by the bird figure when designing the product, so this product represents a direct bird. The color of the Bird and the texture of the flying will give Table Napkin Holder and Paper Napkin Holder a unique aura.

Color: Black, white and lemon yellow
Material: Iron
Product size: 13.5 X 5 X 10cm.
Package size: 15 X 6 X 12cm.
Product weight: 100g / 3.5ounce
Package weight: 152g / 5.4ounce

Package List
1 * Bird Napkin Holder

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