Wonderful & Funny Miniature Statue to Sausage and Dacshund Gifts


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Some dog species have an aesthetic artistic texture and appearance that is genetically possessed. In our opinion, Dachshund and Sausage Dog dog species have this creativity appearance. We wanted to reflect their genetically beautiful appearance to a product using statue technique. Thus, we designed this product as mini and miniature with ornaments and decorative item features. In this design process, we paid attention to the characteristics of both dog species. Features like ears and color details. Of course, we go to exaggeration at some points. We offer these cute Dachshund and Sausage Dog figurines as ornaments and decorative items, designed to give you an inspiring feeling and motivation at the Desk Accessories. This product, which is formed as a result of the intensification of resin, which is the natural material and combined with the statue technique, has a creative texture as the idea of Gifts. It is a good gift choice especially for your friends who have a special interest in Sausage Dog and Dachshund dog species. The thematic details of this product, which has a creative contribution, has many feature to offer for all dog lovers. Many of these details will receive more attention, especially from kids. Designed as a decorative ornament in places such as Bookcase or desk accessories it's a the thematic pattern features Sausage Dog and Dachshund figurines. Both dog species have a large depiction of their ears in the statue technique, in this sense a somewhat abstract style was used. The familiar miniature dachshund features an abstract and decorative style with long haired details. And the ears have been exaggerated to make these details produce a funny and cute motivation.

Material: Resin
Color: Red and Transparent Color
Product size: 4.3X4.3X4.3 INCHES | 11X11X11 CM
Package size: 5.9X5.9X5.9 INCHES | 15X15X15 CM
Product weight: 255g.
Package weight: 400g.

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