Bronze Deer Statue Luxury Artwork by White Christmas Tree Decorations

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We present concept of White Deer Christmas Decoration by Bronze White Deer Statue, which we designed using bronze material, as a result of extraordinary creativity. At the design stage of the product we applied two concept approaches and designed the presentation of the product with so that these in mind: a complementary artwork for White Christmas, it is also a unique decoration for White Christmas Tree. This artwork item, produces superb compatibility and aura with White Christmas Tree. This artwork that produces an atmosphere that fascinates spatial elegance is an unusual idea for the White Christmas concept. In this White Deer Statue, the unique form of creativity meets the most elegant animal of nature. An inspiring decoration element for White Christmas, this artwork is a completely premium and luxury artwork item. There are more than 20 technical processes in the product design phase. This product has given a special cultural pattern and strength. The secret of artistic creativity is simplicity and serenity. In this White Bronze Deer Statue, you'll experience great calmness and noble serenity. It takes this product to a premium point. The product is completely unusual for Deer Decor. It is an unusual option for emotional atmosphere and vitality in special times like Christmas and in some concepts ideas like White Christmas. This is an about White Deer Statue Figurine for Christmas Decorations. Original design: This abstract deer sculpture is originally designed by the artist. Symbolical meaning: The deer means long life and good luck, and it also means treasure and power. It is valued for a collectible. Material: The deer sculpture is made of perfect bronze material and molded, grinded and colored by professional craftsman with more than 20 processes. Perfect decoration: This beautiful creative sculpture is good for home decorations, such as living room, bedroom and study room, which makes your home more artistic. Perfect Gifts; Deer Decor, Christmas Deer Decor, Deer Antler Decor, Deer Home Decor, Deer Decor For Living Room, White Deer Decor, White Deer Statue, Christmas Deer, Deer Christmas Ornaments.

Color: White
Material: Bronze
Product size: 25 X 8 X 30 CM.
Package size: 28 X 11 X 33 CM.
Product weight: 2800g.
Package weight: 3200g.

Package List
1 * White Deer Statue 

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