White Candle Holder: Invite Parrots to Chat or Dinner in Peace & Naturality


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Parrot Candle Holders:

Many people think and breathe with spaces. People wants to incorporate the natural products of artistic creativity into his speeches or actions such as dining, reading, listening and so more. Products such as Candle Holder that reflect both naturalness and artistic creativity at the same time have a special aura and detail that people give to their actions. This, of course, allows the space to become an atmosphere. And reveals a romantic or creative aura. We experience, live and feel it. It surrounds our space and motivates us. Candle holder is one such product. Parrot, which allows us to feel the naturalness and artistic creativity, inspired the Candle Holder product as a result of a creative process with sculpture technique. Now is the time to invite parrots to your conversations, chat, readings, listenings, dining, or rest. Invite them to your living space to Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Office or even Bathroom. During the production process, sculpture technique was a technique that made the production process both difficult and easy. In this sense this Candle Holders are a thematic, but at the same time minimal contribution to the concept of Home Decor Sculpture. As a minimal and modern example of artistic creativity, we have added the naturalness and purity of white color to these Parrot details as figurines and ornaments, so present the product as a thematic contribution to the Candle Holder concept. A completely handmade artwork, this Candle Holder reflects the purity and naturalness of white color. Therefore, their philosophical concepts are peace, calm and naturalness. The thematic naturalness and harmony produced by the white color produce an unusual details and contrast for White Interior Design. Offering particularly Scandinavian details, this Parrot Candle Holder adds positive value to design ideas focused on Boho and Chic lifestyle decor.

Material: Resin and Iron
Color: White
Product size MM: W155 X D130 ⅹ H235 (For Single Candle)
Product size CM: W15.5 X D13 X H23.5
Product weight: 1.1 KG

Product size MM: W335 X D130 X H275 (For THREE Candle)
Product size CM: W33.5 X D13 X H27.5
Product weight: 1.8 KG

Product size MM: W265 X D275 X H275 (For FOUR Candle)
Product size CM: W26.5 X D27.5 X H27.5
Product weight: 2.2 KG

Can be use duster to clean the parrot surface gently. Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely.

Parrot: Resin - Holder Part: Iron

Single Parrot: W155mm X D130mm ⅹ H235mm / 1.1 KG.

Three Parrot: W335mm X D130mm X H275mm / 1.8 KG.

Four Parrot: W265mm X D275mm X H275mm / 2.2 KG.

Our parrot candle holders are for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure.  If you need it, clean with a dry cloth.

Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely.

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