Squirrel Stem Vase for Single Flower with Decorative Statue

Squirrel Stem Vase with Decorative Statue:

The decorative items/squirrel statue gorgeous with its nature and artistic creativity and are ideally designed as a vase for single flower. In this sense, it can be preferred as a single rose vase or single tulip vase maybe or it can also be preferred for diffuser reeds. The single stem vase detail is remarkable in the thematic character of our product. Such vases are usually thin and long. Stem vases are generally quite different from other and ordinary vases with their modern and contemporary designs. This is a disruptive differentiation, both philosophically and artistically. This is usually a modern and post-modern approach. It often provides a reference to minimal style. In single stem vases, attention and value are given not only to the function but also to aesthetic elegance. We used natural color, white to combine a common theme between natural life, plant growing, and flower care in our design. White color reflects nature just like green and blue colors. It provides peace and quiet, especially in winter. In other words, it is a color of nature and natural life. Squirrel is one of the animals that can reflect this in the best way. Different and colorful flower branches are best seen in white vases. This is almost a common idea of all interior designers. You can read Emily Henderson's or Amber Interior blog for this.

These white squirrels refer to nature, purity, peace, and inner peace with their cute and baby character. And enriches floral life with natural home decor and ecological home decor theme. These cute white squirrels bring the purity and peace of nature to your living space. They create a natural environment for your flowers and provide the most beautiful atmosphere of nature for your flowers as a decorative vase. And they also rearrange and change the floral atmosphere of your home by wrapping single-branch flowers such as tulips and orchids. It brought this to life, both for flowers and diffuser reeds. These stylish squirrel figurines items, which are produced using one of the natural materials resin, will serve as a vase and a decorative sculpture in your home decor. This is a great theme for both the functional and artistic creativity of your home.

Three different squirrels carry a glass tube in front, behind, or on their back. You can put one branch of flowers in this glass tube. Sometimes it is possible to put several branches of flowers. Squirrels offer brilliant splendor and togetherness for both decorative statues and decorative vase contact. It is a good decoration item in your living room, bedroom, dining room, entryway, or office.

Material: Resin (Statue) & Glass (Tube)
Squirrel Statue Style One: W110mm X D60mm X H140mm / 250g
Squirrel Statue Style Two: W95mm X D60mm X H140mm / 250g
Squirrel Statue Style Three: W90mm X D60mm X H150mm / 250g

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