Sculptures Purple Decor Modern Abstract Home Decor Sculpture Art Expressionism

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Possession: Purple and Purple Colour. Purple Home Decor or Purple Interior Design. Purple Sculpture and Purple Decor. Purple Room Decor or Purple Bedroom Decor. Purple Room Decor Ideas or Purple Room Decor Items. Purple Art or Abstract Sculpture. Sculptures or Sculptures Art. Abstract Art or Abstract Expressionism. Modern Sculpture and Decorative Sculptures With Unique and Exclusive.
Craft Process: The sculpture is 9.4 inches in height.
This 3D modeling sculpture is originally designed by the artist. This new Limited Edition artwork sets limit to 999 editions for sale. The artist apposed the two lines through abstract and summarization expressions. It seems as if there are two people followed each other. The sculpture is made by an environmental resin material. After several times painting treatment, the surface shows natural cracks effect. The rich and changing colors and grains make the sculpture unique. A great choice for hotels, clubs and other public places, or for desks in a study room or office.

Material: Resin
Color: Purple
Product size: 33 * 22 * 24cm / 13 * 8.6 * 9.4in
Package size: 37 * 26 * 28cm / 14.5 * 10.2 * 11in
Product weight: 2650g / 93.5oz
Package weight: 3200g / 112.9oz

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