Unique Pattern Decorative and Minimal Rhino Statue as Gifts and Decor

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We this product present it with Rhino Gifts concept which we designed using Statue and Sculpture technique for Decor and Ornament purpose. Rhino is an amazing animal with its aesthetic stance and horn. We designed Rhino, one of the special figures of wildlife, as a result of aesthetic and pure sensation as Rhino Statue. This product has a wonderful texture and warm touch of artistic creativity. This product, which can be used as Accent Decor in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom and Office, is an ideal option for Rhino Gifts with its unusual feature. Rhino or Rhinoceros is one of the powerful figures of horned animals. Life and animals offer unique scenes when they are together. It is very difficult and dangerous to approach animals in the wild. But to watch them in documentaries, to follow their behavior and rituals is an instructive and fun experience. This Rhino Statue is made of Bronze Sculpture material and has been a great work of art as a result of all handmade processes. Rhino Decor and Rhino Ornaments are a great artwork at the Home Decor, as well as a great option for Rhino Gifts. To emphasize, this Rhino Statue is a unique work of art.

Color: Bronze with Unique Pattern
Material: Bronze
Product size: 25X5X11.5 CM
Package size: 30X10X15 CM.
Product weight: 645g.
Package weight: 1150g.

Package List
1 * Rhino Statue with Bronze Statue

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