Purple Christmas Decorations - Purple Furniture for Bedroom Decor Design

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This is an about Purple Christmas Decorations and Purple Furniture Accessories for Christmas Decorations and Bedroom Design with Metal Sculpture. This is an about Purple Metal Freestanding Figurative Sculpture and it is originally designed by the artist. The artist curls and interweaves a simple bar of metal, and then creates a concise ribbon artwork with a fluent and beautiful line. The red rectangular frame is matched with the ribbon skillfully, which shows the rhythmic beauty of the sculpture. The Purple Decor is welded by professional craftsman. The ribbon adopts painting treatment and the color is filled with a gradient of yellow and orange. The surface has a high gloss and it is rustless. It is an exotic sight wherever indoor or outside

Material: Iron
Color: Purple with Multicolor.
Product size: 38 * 13 * 50cm.
Package size: 41 * 16 * 24cm.
Product weight: 1010g.
Package weight: 1330g.

Package List
1 * Purple Metal Freestanding Figurative Sculpture

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