Mother Daughter Figurines


The concept of family is a unique and extraordinary experience in any society. Our artist designed her mother and daughter as a figurines product that you can remember beautiful memories and values together using the sculpture technique. At the center of the figurines, products are the mother and daughter. Standing together and side by side, mother and daughter look at the world with peaceful and happy eyes. In the future, they greet with enthusiasm a beautiful life that awaits them. While designing the mother daughter figurines product, our inspiration was the willow tree mother and daughter series. The product can be used in both workplace and home decor, making it an extraordinary piece of gifts for mom. The mother and daughter figurines product specifically creates a very strong atmosphere for a mother's day gift. This mother-daughter figurines product is naturally one of the sweetest and most extraordinary gift ideas a girl can give to her mother. It is designed in a handmade way.

Designed as mother-daughter figurines, this product is quite unusual for mothers day gifts both in the office and at home.

The warm scenes of the mother and daughter are vividly and naturally portrayed by the sculpture. The daughter snuggles up to her mother, and the mother is stroking her daughter's hair gently. When we see the mother and daughter figurines, we will also miss our family. This figurine's decor is made of iron materials, craftsmen carefully crafted through manual welding and other steps. Its surface uses environmentally-friendly baking paint skills for rust-proof and is delicately painted by hand-coloring to form a special texture of clothing. The high-quality paint will not fade and fall off. The mother-daughter figurines are also a kind of work expressing comfort and love. It has the power to comfort people.


Material: Iron
Product size: 15X8X39 CM | 5.9X3.1X15.3 INCHES
Package size:  17X9X41 CM | 6.7X3.5X16.1 INCHES
Product weight: 710 GR.
Package Weight: 850 GR.

"Family Figurines" are the perfect gift for any occasion:

Handmade & Unique

Celebrate the true meaning of family with our beautiful figurines:

From mom and dad to son, sister, and brother, we have a figurine for every family member. Place them on your fireplace mantel for a decorative touch or give them as a gift to a loved one. Let the love of family carry you through the day. These figurines are sure to bring a smile to your face with their loving gestures and cute little outfits. Get them all to create your own little family! "Family Figurines" are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas or just to say congratulations, these hand-painted figurines will bring a smile to everyone who sees them. They would be an excellent addition to any family's collection of trinkets and memorabilia.

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