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Designed as a cute figurative and decorative ornament, this product represents a Mini Golden Retriever figure. This Baby Golden Retriever decorative ornament and Christmas Dog is designed from a metal material, offering a decorative ornament and a toy look. Designed as Miniature, Mini, Small, this puppy figurines will make some contributions to you and your living space with a memorial and novelty idea. The first of these contributions is uniqueness and sweetness. It is an aesthetic, cute, amazing, best, creative Gift for Dog Lovers and Dog Owners. It is also an unusual product for Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Gifts ideas. The product is depicted in the form of a figurative toy of metal material using a handmade and homemade approach. An entertaining product for kids, this Mini Golden Retriever figure has a special creativity, both as a toy and as an ornaments. Since the product is designed as a miniature, it can be used as an accent home decor in many areas, the most ideal places for the special image it will offer; Bookcase, Dresser, Entry, Coffee Table. It also has a memorial effect in areas like Nursery, Baby, Kids Room or Office. The product has a novelty and memorial detail for Dog Mom and Dog Dad. This product stands out as a unique and cute and funny product, accessories, decorative object in gift ideas selection. For Gift Ideas Dog Lovers, we present souvenir, decorative, adorable and functional products where we can remember the fun world of dogs and feel the energy they provide.

Color: Brown
Material: Metal
Product Size: 6.7X7.9X8.3 INCHES | 17X20X21 CM
Package Size: 7.1X8.6X9 INCHES | 18X22X23 CM
Product Weight: 556g.
Package Weight: 856g.

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1 * Mini Golden Retriever Figurine Ornament

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