Metal Dog Sculpture to Ornaments and Room Decor Item


There is a minimal and aesthetic feeling that creatures like dogs or cats produce for humans. And this feeling shows characteristic features like purity and naturalness. It allows people to experience the basic characteristics of purity and energy. When we look at the different dog species, we see some traces of these details. We also have this sensitivity in our life experience. We designed our relationship with dogs and puppies as ornaments and decorative items with sculpture details. We chose the Golden Retriever dog in the design of the product and based it on its puppy. We used statue technique in the details of this product which we designed as mini and miniature by using iron material. We have added thematic functionality as ornaments and home accessories to this technique. Ultimately, we have designed a product with a high sense of both ornaments and memorial. This product, which has a strong aesthetic character and emotional intensity, has a strong feature as accessories and ornaments, but it is also an unique and good novelty gift for dog lovers. One of thematic gift ideas, especially for children. This product, which can inspire children, can be positioned as home accessories and dog related decorative item in areas such as Kids Room and Nursery Room. The dog's head is connected by a spring ring, which gives him a different creativity, innocence and mischief. Producing creative value as Decorative, this product provides an unusual variety to the concept of "Gifts For Dog Lovers". We were inspired by Dog Toys ideas in the design of the product.

Color: Brown
Material: Iron
Product size: 6.7X7.9X8.3 INCHES | 17X20X21 CM
Package size: 7.1X8.6X9 INCHES | 18X22X23 CM
Product weight: 556g.
Package weight: 856g.

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