Meerkat Figurines


This modern decorative vase product, which combines nature and artistic creativity, is designed as meerkat figurines. The product is gentle and decorative, in this sense, it can be preferred as a Christmas meerkat ornament idea. It complements the theme of both office and home decor. It provides a privileged perspective on how to organize your home decor questions. It is also a great option for Meerkat Gifts. Meerkats are nature's most fascinating creatures, with their heads constantly high and looking around. Meerkats are timid animals in character, but their intuition is quite unusual. By using statue and figurines techniques in the artistic creative process, the characteristic features of meerkats were designed in the concept of home decor and ornament. We offer two different meerkat figurines products, standing, and sitting. You can choose the products as both single stem vase and decorative statues. Also, each product is quite creative and extraordinary for the meerkat gifts theme. The products are mainly designed for indoor use, but can also be used in the garden.


Material: Resin and Glass Tube
Meerkat Statue Vase Style One: W90mm X D130mm X H240mm / 650g
Meerkat Statue Vase Style Two: W100mm X D130mm X H200mm / 700g


Use a soft cloth to clean the meerkat surface. Glass vase is washable, take it out when need to be washed.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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