Goldfish Sculpture by Haoshi Design


Goldfish sculpture is colored in luxurious gold (that 24K gold plated), and it breathes abundant energy into your desk, office, home, and existence. This statue which is a special artwork has all the characteristics of goldfish. The product is designed from natural material resin and has 24K gold plated on the product. This makes this goldfish sculpture product extraordinary and special with all its details. Now goldfish ornament is a great gift option for all fish lovers. It is designed and manufactured by Haoshi Design. We recommend that you look at this product for Goldfish Clock which is designed by Haoshi Design and is a different and multiple version of this artwork. Even just check it this product will provide great energy in your li The design of this special artwork is inspired by the painting "goldfish and sculpture" by Henri Matisse.

Goldfish Statue

Modern design technique has been applied to this Goldfish statue product. When this is looked at closely, it produces an attractive effect and energy in all details of the product. This cute and special goldfish statue product will bring you great energy, luck, and abundance to your office or home decor.

Material: Resin and 24K Gold Plated
Size: W130mm X D80mm X H45mm

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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