Decorative & Geometric Modern Gold Metal Candle Holder Musical Aura


Music, a special story and creation in which our on the soul is happy, unhappy, cheerful or depressed, adapts to its soul and rhythm, has given this Decorative and Geometric Candle Holder a new life at the Your Home Decor. Each hand-made product has a unique aura. Reflecting the extraordinary story and power of the music, this Decorative Candle Holder reflects the Cornet/Musical instrument. Art is a unique source of endless emotions and endless inspirations. The duty of art is to protect us in our living spaces and to renew our energy. This Gold Candle Holder is made of Stainless Steel in gold. The product has undergone a special design and creative process. You can use this Metal Candle Holder as a wonderful and delightful accessory in your Bedroom, Kitchen, Hall or Living Room. It is a Candle Holder which produces great decoration and aura and atmosphere. Inspired by for Music Lovers (or Musical and Romantic Atmosphere) and those who constantly look for energy in the living space, this candle holder is a great option for Music Decor and Gifts.

Material: Marble and Stainless Steel
Color: Gold and Black
Product size: 45 X 12 X 33 CM.
Package size: 47 X 19 X 39 CM.
Product weight: 2570g.
Package Weight: 3200g.

Package List
1 * Gold Metal Candle Holder

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